Biography: Himiko
Himiko, an innovative composer, producer, and keyboardist started producing electronic albums in 2005. They are pop-crossover "Mai", dancy and somewhat gothy "Mugen", J-electronic "Shippo o tsukame", jazzy J-electronic “incision”, and the 5th album, “heavy metal wannabe and electronic jazz cat”. All of her released recordings did great on Canadian college radio stations. “Shippo o tsukame” was charted at #13, and “Heavy Metal Wannabe & …” was charted at #10 top 20 electronic in National Canadian college radio chart (earshot, monthly chart).

She was a driving force of the band called The Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts. The 1st release entitled "Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts" is an inventive fusing of rock into traditional jazz songs. The 2nd album "Heavy was a Sweater", rock jazz fusion, consisting of Himiko and her musician friends' original tunes. This was charted at #6 top 20 jazz in National Canadian college radio chart (earshot, monthly chart).

Born in Saitama, Japan, Himiko relocated to North America and attended The University of Michigan, where she graduated with highest distinction. Her current home is in Alberta, Canada, where she graduated from Grant MacEwan College, music program, on the Dean's list, with honours and an A.A. performance major in keyboards with distinction. During her tenure at college, Himiko was awarded music and radio scholarships, following that she received a Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent On Record Grant (FACTOR). This demo recording of her original smooth jazz material "Sensually Yours" reflected to #17 top 20 jazz in National Canadian college radio chart (earshot, monthly chart).

Renowned and respected pianist Charlie Austin states "She is a very talented jazz pianist and composer whose work reflects her deep commitment to not only the art of jazz but also to the depth of feeling, finesse, caring and intellect with which she presents her work! She is truly worth listening to! She will convince everyone with her strong emotional expression."

She has an innate, elastic talent for composing that is strong and skillful. Himiko's compositions and skill evidenced by her new recordings will establish her as an important voice in the electronic music world.



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